Agrihoods are one of the hottest trends in sustainable living. They’re communities built around a working farm or community garden, and Miralon happens to be one of the largest in the United States, which means delicious benefits for residents.

Recently featured in Turf Magazine, Miralon is getting attention for transforming an 18-hole golf course into 97 acres of open space featuring olive and citrus groves, seven miles of trails, four community gardens, dog parks, social gathering places and more.

Brad Shuckhart, president of Freehold Communities’ California division, worked together with agricultural sustainability experts to make sure every choice in the design and planning of Miralon aligned with core sustainability principles.

When choosing crop types, grapes, dates, persimmons, almonds, walnuts, figs, olives and citrus were carefully evaluated. The pros and cons of each were weighed against criteria such as annual water consumption and suitability to the climate and ecosystem. Olives and citrus turned out to be the best choices for the sustainability and health of the community.

Over 7,000 trees were planted, bringing beauty and shade to the landscape and offering some tasty treats for future residents – what’s more refreshing than fresh fruit on a hot desert day? Plus, the Temecula Olive Oil Company will press olive fruits on site, and bottles of olive oil will be delivered to residents. Living in Miralon will not only feel great, but it will taste great too. And residents will be proud knowing their community is sustainable and resource friendly.

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