Thanks for the extra love Blau Journal! We’re pretty excited about the immediate sales success at Flair at Miralon too.

“These residences express everything exciting about Miralon: Inspired architecture, fantastic desert views and sustainable design that looks to the future of the Coachella Valley,” said Freehold California Division President Brad Shuckhart. “Flair joins the many reasons Miralon has captured national attention as one of the most advanced new communities in the U.S.”

The first buyers of a Flair home are Bruce Juenger and Jim Whitmoyer, currently living in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California. As a key factor in their decision, the homebuyers noted the “timeless style” of the home.

“In the ‘Mad Men’ days of the 1950s and 1960s the Modern home was a trendy phenomenon, but it has retained and increased its appeal decades later,” said Juenger. “Our new home strikes us the same way. And like those classic, 20th century homes, this style is well-suited to the history and climate of Palm Springs.”


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