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The Scenic Route


There's Nothing Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

There's just something magical about green, open spaces. Especially when it comes with 97 acres of open space, miles of trails, a community garden and dog parks—all created with help from the experts. A mix of just the right outdoor spots makes this place your answer to everything.

men running

The Town

As far as olive trees in the desert go, this is what you might call an oasis. On the one hand, it's about as green as it gets. 7,000 trees planted and growing. Leaves and olives everywhere you look. Each a variety of Spanish, Italian and California species. On the other hand, it's all about letting the land give back. By that, we mean olive oil that comes straight from our groves to your plate. So all it takes to start the day right is what's right in front of you.

Walking trail among the olive trees
The Dog Parks Unleashed

We think everyone can agree on man's best friend. And Miralon is all but a dog's world. We're talking three dog parks that give you that special feeling you get when your furry pal is free to roam. By and by, finding a place to play is as easy as walking outside.

dog park dog fetching
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