Like all our amenities at Miralon, we take tender loving care to ensure our green spaces provide the utmost beauty, tranquility, and thoughtfulness for our desert paradise. With the help of highly experienced local experts, we determined that our exclusive olive groves would make the perfect addition to our robust amenity and lifestyle experience at our master-planned community in Palm Springs. Let’s dig deeper.

7,000 reasons
Did you know that Miralon’s olive groves are comprised of 7,000 trees?! You’ll discover a combination of stunning Spanish, Italian, and California species. This creates a lush atmosphere of nuanced shapes and colors, which are especially beautiful.

Easy to grow & easy on the earth
We chose olive trees because they had so many “built-in” advantages we couldn’t resist. They are sturdy, low-water consumption trees and require only limited pesticide requirements which align with Miralon’s and Freehold Communities’ focus on the environment and sustainable practices.

They love the sun just like we do
You may wonder if the desert climate agrees with them. It sure does. Olive trees have been thriving in desert climates for thousands of years. In California, they first arrived way back in the 18th century and were quite a sensation. They still are. Our olive groves love the Palm Springs sun. They also provide relaxing shade as you take a relaxing stroll throughout our community’s holistic atmosphere. Having the best of both worlds is a very good thing.

Harvesting new friendships & fun
The plan all, along with our groves, was to establish olive harvesting. We teamed up with Thom Curry, Sustainable Agricultural Specialist and General Manager of the Temecula Olive Oil Company. This company is an acclaimed regenerative farmer and producer of high-end olive oil and olive oil products. That makes harvesting olives at Miralon fun and easy. Pick some fresh olives to top off a refreshing martini anytime. Whatever we don’t use for olive oil gets turned into valuable compost to help other things grow naturally.

Grove to table tasty
The taste of locally produced and fresh olive oil is unsurpassed. And there’s a high demand for it. The selling of our olive oil helps support the local economy. And that’s very gratifying. You can even buy a fresh bottle in the HUB at Miralon. Olive oil is healthier than butter and other oils and is oh so versatile. Whether it’s for sautéing, drizzling over seasonal vegetables or tangy appetizers, or creating the ultimate salad dressing or marinade, olive oil is the gift that inspires unlimited culinary greatness. It’s the ideal complement to the gourmet kitchens in our mid-century modern inspired new homes for sale in the Coachella Valley.

Miralon is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to thrive and grow too. Join us!