Sure, you know that Miralon® was originally planned out as a Palm Springs golf course. But did you know that Miralon is leading a movement? By that we mean our desert community went from fairways and bogies to agrihood in a larger effort to look toward the future—and all before it was the thing to do.

As golf courses continue to transform into new kinds of space, it’s all about giving back to the land—something Miralon’s upheld from the beginning. Think local resources harnessed in a way that’s more sustainable. Picture putting greens replaced with working green space. That’s the idea. And here, we’ve taken it further with working olive and citrus groves, gardens, trails and parks—all designed to bring the community together in a healthy way.

With all this and more years in the making, Miralon’s managed to stay ahead of the trend. In fact, it was even featured in a video by Wall Street Journal on the topic. Take a look and see for yourself!


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