Once a no man’s land, the land north of East San Rafael is now home to Miralon — one of the desert’s most unique, new communities. And Gallery at Miralon is its shining star.

“I don’t let people drive on my driveways,” Gallery developer Rick Hauser declares as we approach the Belice, the 3,200-squarefoot, two-story home that is the jewel in Gallery at Miralon’s crown. We stop and admire the driveway. It is, indeed, pristine, as if it had been hand-scrubbed that morning. “When prospective homeowners come and do their walkthroughs, I have a barricade up. At first, they get all prissy [because] they want to park in my driveway. But I say, ‘It’s not your driveway. Not yet. It’s mine. And I don’t want any tire marks on my driveway.’ Then they say, ‘Well, that’s kind of cool.’” Hauser is tanned and fit from a dedication to tennis that he shares with his wife, Linda. He is an energetic guy whose passion for the homes he builds is palpable as he describes all the exquisite details that he put into the four models that make up Gallery at Miralon’s collection. He opens the gate and points along the walkway of the interior courtyard. “Second thing every builder does. What’s usually right here? The hose bin,” he says, shaking his head in disdain. Hauser backs out of the gate and points to the garage. “My hose is inside the corner … with my shut-off valve and the pressure regulator.”

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