It wouldn’t be Palm Springs without sleek contemporary architecture and pure style. And the same goes for Miralon. It’s walls of glass and spaces that feel as indoors as they do out—with a clubhouse that’s leading the way in mid-century modern fashion. Which brings us to Interior Design Director Stanley Anderson—the mastermind behind the interior design of The Club at Miralon. He’s given us a behind-the-scenes take on his inspiration and the ideas behind his vision for the clubhouse, and trust us when we say that it’s nothing less than eye-opening.

When it came to the interior design, Anderson, a 15-year Palm Springs resident, knew that it needed to have a mid-century modern flair and style that brought the outdoors in—no questions asked. “There were certain aspects of it we referenced on the interior,” said Anderson. “The architecture has natural connection to indoor-outdoor living. We extended that with mixing furnishings and things that would flow and blur the distinctions between inside and out.”

While the mid-century context played a key initial role, it was actually the name itself that sparked the most inspiration. “The big idea really came from the name Miralon, which means energy plus view. So how does that translate into color and materials? One literal way is to create largely neutral envelopes but put energy and color into them. It shows up in artwork, floor coverings and the back bar.”

examples of interior design at miralon

And there’s more than one way to do it right. “The idea of mid-century modern interiors can be a cave, a place to escape the bright sun, a warm modern look, with big overhangs and lots of wood. Or you can embrace it like a pavilion where you invite the outdoors in: sunny and white. We ended up going with a combination of both depending on the amenity building. It’s a real clean and clear relationship that lends itself to desert living.”

Now you’ve heard it. The Club at Miralon is sure to be a place that has heads turning. Where you can relax in the pool while sipping a martini. Work out with friends at the fitness center. Or play the host at the event room—with a full kitchen and more at your service. Whatever you choose to do, this is your place to experience it in style. And it’s all yours at Miralon.

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